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We believe that if you have bought our product, you should be entirely happy with it.
You are after all are our best advertising ! If you receive an item that is damaged, or not what you were expecting, return it to us immediately in the original packaging and condition and we will either refund the cost of that item (does not include return postage), replace or offer a credit on another item of your choice.

Replacements, refunds or credit will be issued upon receipt of returned product.
Returns must be completed within 30 days of purchase date.


We do our very best to keep all items permanently in stock.
However, insects are collected seasonally or due to sudden demand in orders, we could occassionally run out of stock. This would mean a delay while waiting to import more. To avoid paying for an item that may take a long time to arrive, we take orders and check we have everything in stock and will send a confirmation e-mail with the total price and Internet Banking details.

1. Browse through our standard listings adding to Shopping cart.
(If you want something from off the websites suggested, or any other, you will need to Contact Us).

2. When you are happy with your choice(s), send.

3. A confirmation e-mail will be sent along with a unique Order Number.

4. Transfer the FULL amount (if you have a query about the amount, Contact Us as soon as possible), using the unique Order Number as reference (and Surname, optional).

5. As soon as the funds are showing, the items will be shipped immediately.

Alternatively, if you wish to use a Credit Card, Contact Us and will discuss setting up a listing on Trade Me (you need to be a Trade Me member) for you to purchase using the "BUY NOW" button on there.

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