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Are your insects ethically sourced ?

Definitely! Today the world is very aware of the impact of deforestation and global warming. This is having a direct affect on insect existence in fragile ecosystems. We source our insects from either butterfly farms and parks that captive breed popular species that would otherwise be taken from the wild and therefore preserving natural populations. Also, we receive insects from ranching, whereby forest is planted with host plants that the insects feed on and lay their eggs on (handy when Birdwings lay their eggs at 130 feet above ground in the canopy). The eggs and larvae are protected from predators and a percentage are taken to give the indigenous people a continuous income, preserve pristine rain forest and supply collectors with perfect butterflies.
The other supply is from sustainable management such as with Morpho butterflies. Over six million are exported every year as they retain the females and quickly replace populations. But again, destruction of habitat is our greatest threat to the continued survival of our living art. You can help by buying insects and not buying products using palm oil or non-plantation wood pulp.

Do I need to do anything to care for my item?

Avoid placing in direct sunlight; the colours will fade in UV light. Best to have it displayed in a well lit area and away from moisture or extremes in temperature.
If it should break, be careful cleaning up any broken glass. Try to not touch the insect. If you like, contact us; we may be able to repair at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Can I buy unmounted insects for my own project?
By all means. We import regularly and carry large amounts of stock. We will most likely have an item in stock or can order in quickly.
You can have an item as imported, packaged and needs to be rehydrated and mounted/spread.
Or we can mount/spread for you without a frame (does require special packaging).
We will gladly prepare any insect up to any stage of your requirements.

Can I see your complete range?
Insect Wholesalers are building a gallery of all butterflies, moths, arachnids, beetles and other insects and animals we have made. If you donít see it and want something special, just ask! If you want to select a special insect type, visit one of the links below:
NOTE: Finished price will include importation and preparation costs.

E-mail if you want to know your closest retailer.

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